The Quetzales Dance


In the beginning, a folk dance is danced by ordinary people. Folkloric dances are held during social events and it is more a social activity than a competition ... of course, there are also professional groups that participate in competitions.

The Quetzal Dance is native to what is known as the northern sierra of Puebla and Veracruz, although it is better known as a Puebla dance. It is probably one of the oldest dances; It is known that it was already danced since pre-Hispanic times and is, to date, very popular.

The quetzal, by the way, is a bird that lives in the regions that the Mayans occupied. The word "quetzal" is of Nahuatl origin and works as an adjective, since it can be translated as "precious".

At the moment of performing this dance, it has a "ceremonial act", which consists of dancing with movements to the rhythm of some sones, played with a reed flute and a leather drum; one of the performers is considered the greatest teacher of the dance. The steps are executed in cross, as a symbol of the four cardinal points, to make reference to the rotation, or passage of time.

Finally, a rotating wooden device with a horizontal shape is used. This gives the dance a special spectacular. Depending on who you ask, that moment the main attraction of the dance and through it is encoded the solar symbolism, the movement of the stars.

The dance, of course, has many more symbolic elements: the music as an offering, the dance executed "dangerously" and the striking clothing associated with the sun with the bird called quetzal.

The dancers, usually dressed in red and with enormous multicolored plumes, wear a cape and a scarf on their chests. With maracas they accompany the complicated taconeo of the dance. The headdress is a reed frame, where ribbons and ribbons of various colors are interwoven; Each "ray" has tassels and feathers.

His pants are red "rabones" with golden fringes: a red or yellow cape and in his hand a rattle.

Dance of the Quetzals, a feast of colors, sounds and meanings that have been rooted for hundreds of years in our country. Know it!

Danza de los Quetzales

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Danza de los Quetzales

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