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Throughout the territory of the state of Queretaro are handmade treasures ready to be discovered, through bold and informed exploration. For example, in the town of San Ildefonso Tultepec Amealco, there is an Otomi area where you can buy a wide variety of items made of clay. The artisans collect, process, hover and mix with water to create beautiful objects such as vases, plates, pots and other beautiful ornamental objects, such as representations of the moon and the sun.

In the same way, all the communities of the Huimilpan municipality have beautiful quarry banks, with which they elaborate facades, fountains, animal sculptures, columns and clocks.

Querétaro is one of the states with the largest production of opal in Mexico; there are ancient mines near San Juan del Río and Tequisquiapan. Objects are also made in silver and other precious metals, decorated with precious and semiprecious stones.

Of course, the region has a wide goldsmith and jewelery tradition. In Viceroyal times, the famous Ruta de la Plata, also known as Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, ran from Mexico City to Santa Fe, in what is now New Mexico. Through this route, caravans transported the metal, accompanied by soldiers, traveled to provide them with greater security.

If you are with time counted, Tequisquiapan has a Market and a Craft Tianguis that concentrate many of the crafts of the region and the state. Among the available ones, there are works of sauz stick and sabino root, palm woven baskets, embroidered fabrics and even saddlery and other leather articles. Tequisquiapan itself is famous for its furniture and wooden articles, as well as for its work in wrought iron.

In Ezequiel Montes, artisans have the specialty of working with ixtle, a fiber that comes from the maguey. There is an annual fair called Feria del Ixtle and Nopal, while the rest of the time you can visit the "La Canoa" artisan hostel in Villa Progreso.

In the Sierra Gorda area many crafts are created with natural elements, such as stones that mold with figures of crows, squirrels, pigeons, donkeys and more. As in other parts of the state, here the work in wood is of the highest quality.

The municipality of Colón has opal and onyx figures, hand-painted ceramics and wool sarapes. San Vicente Ferrer is ideal for leather goods and, if that were not enough, you can go shopping in the city of Querétaro, in the Casa Queretana de Artesanías and in the Artisan and Indigenous Culture Center. The crafts of Querétaro are everywhere!

¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • In 2012 Queretaro participated in the International Crafts Fair in Milan, Italy.
  • In Tequisquiapan you will find handicrafts made of wicker, wrought iron, and opal.
  • Bernal is recognized for its expertise in looms, and this is why you can acquire here beautiful quilts, among other textile items.
  • The village of Pedro Escobedo is well known for its stone products, such as fountains, sculptures, vases, and even columns and large pieces for homes and buildings.
  • Some local crafts such as dolls, are very popular exports.
Galería - Artesanía de Querétaro

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