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This small town, which is only 54 kilometers from the city of Querétaro, is admired for its unique beauty, which will make you feel as if you have traveled in time.

The Villa de San Sebastián Bernal, name given when it was founded in 1642, is located within the municipality of Ezequiel Montes, Queretaro.

As you walk along its cobbled streets, you will be able to see the different religious buildings, such as the San Sebastián temple, built between 1700 and 1725, and which is located in the town's main square.

The Chapel of the Souls or "Animitas", as it is known to this small chapel, was built in honor of all the souls of purgatory between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

And The Temple of the Holy Cross, scene of one of the main festivities of Bernal. This celebration takes place from May 1st to 5th; in it, the villagers climb to the top of the Peña de Bernal, where they place a cross, which they leave there throughout the year. In the same way they carry out a marathon and a contest of artisanal masks; the winners are exhibited in the museum.

Among other buildings to visit, we can mention El Castillo, a colonial construction, built in the seventeenth century, and one of the most important in the political history of Bernal. In its front tower you can see a beautiful clock of German origin, which was placed to commemorate the beginning of the 20th century.

One of the biggest attractions of this town is the Peña de Bernal. According to studies, the Peña de Bernal was formed in the Jurassic period, after the conclusion of the activity of a volcano, its lava was stored inside it, becoming solid. This monolith, approximately 350 meters high and 10 million years old, is considered by its height and historical importance as one of the ten largest in the world.

In November 2007, the Peña de Bernal received a certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and was recognized as one of the 13 wonders of Mexico.

Let the joy and magic of Bernal fill your next itinerary!

¿Qué Visitar?

What to Visit?

  • The Crag of Bernal An ideal place for rappel, climbing, hiking or just for recharging your energy as many people do during the spring equinox.
  • Chapel of the Souls in Purgatory
  • Saint Sebastian the Martyr Parish This colonial temple was built in the 18th century.
  • The Castle Located aside from the Main Square, this gothic building houses now the Mask Museum.
  • Baratillo Fountain A spot so beautiful that many Mexican films were shot right here.
¿Qué hacer?

What to do?

  • Climb in the Crag of Bernal In here you can go through paths and trails to the top of the crag, where you will get the most majestic views of the area.
  • Spring Equinox Between March 19th and 21st, thousands of people climb to the top of the amazing monolith to recharge their energy; besides this, many pre-Hispanic rituals are performed up there.
  • Festivities of the Holy Cross It takes place on May 1st – 5th each year. Besides many other activities, a marathon is organized, as well as a contest of artisanal masks.
Comida Típica

Typical Food

  • Gorditas Thick corn tortilla stuffed with cheese and/ or different stews.
  • Enchiladas serranas This delicious dish consists of tortillas fried in hot sauce stuffed with meat or vegetables, and served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, cheese on top of them, and with a piece of jerky beef as accompaniment
  • Barbacoa Roasted lamb meat cooked slowly on its own juice, and which is served apart as a broth or consommé.
  • Milk and pumpkin candies
  • Artisanal liquors, canned fruits and cheese
¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • In Spanish, the Word bernal comes from the Basque word vernal, which means "place of rocks and crags."
  • This Magic Town was founded in 1642.
  • The Crag of Bernal has been labeled as the third largest monolith in the world, just after the Rock of Gibraltar, in the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, and the Sugarloaf Mountain, in Rio do Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Renowned Individuals:
  • General Francisco Olvera Montes (1874 – 1951) Coming from a military family, this General was in charge of the penitentiary of the Marias Islands, in the Gulf of California.
  • Friar Junipero de la Vega (1874 – 1928) A Franciscan saint that is widely known and appreciated.
  • Rosalio Solano Quintanar (1914 – 2009) Famous Mexican movie photographer who was known as "the King of the Color" because of his great skills.

Popular Craft

  • Tablecloths, blankets and other textile goods
  • Handicrafts made with opal and other mineral stones
  • Jewelry based on mineral stones
  • Artisanal masks
Galería - Bernal

Admire the architectural beauty of Bernal


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