Puerta Verde


Puerta Verde, Yum Balam Ecotourism Project, consists of a complex of Maya traditional villages located in the northwest of Quintana Roo. This is another of the numerous options for alternative tourism that exist in Mexico, but also with emphasis on certain values that are worth knowing.

It is Community because it integrates 14 cooperatives of seven towns of the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, which have been organized to offer workshops, guided tours, camps and other services to get the most out of your adventures.

It is sustainable because it is part of a conservation project that integrates two protected natural areas: Yum Balam and Otoch Ma'ax Yetel Kooh. Here, life and tourism are sustained through recycling systems, energy savings, water harvesting and organic gardens.

It is Interactive because it raises a coexistence and an exchange of goods and learning before a commercial contract. Visitors and natives learn together, eat together, work together for the community and, no matter how long you stay, relationships that can only be called "friendship" are generated.

Of course, it is Recreativa because it offers a wide range of activities and adventure sports such as: jungle camps, grotto exploration, lagoon navigation, walking tours, rappel and zip-line practices, bird and insect sightings, reptiles and mammals; or swim with marine species, especially the encounter with the whale shark, the harmless biggest fish in the world.

Beyond the recreational activities and contact with nature, when visiting Puerta Verde you will be able to familiarize yourself with the socio-cultural reality of the current Mayan world: feel and understand their way of life, their community organization; participate in craft work and natural medicine; as well as experiencing music and becoming aware of their stories and legends. This highlights the value of Culture.

Each of the towns that make up Puerta Verde guides visitors, although they particularly offer different and complementary experiences: in Campamento Hidalgo you will find ritual and herbal medicine; in Punta Laguna, the Spider Monkey Sanctuary. In Nuevo Durango excursions to the caverns and the world of insects; in San Ángel orality of survival and production of naturists. In Solferino the floating forest; and in Chiquilá and Holbox: the famous encounter with the Whale Shark.

In the end, when you return from Puerta Verde you will be able to verify that your trip became a complete experience, an encounter with a renewed culture, with a real world. A commitment to the environment and your inner space freed from modern contradictions.

Puerta Verde

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Puerta Verde

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