Each year celebrates one of the most important carnivals in Mexico, has four beautiful Magical Towns that with their cobbled streets and intricate landscapes, conquer even the most demanding travelers. Its traditional music, the tambora, is known all over the world, and its wide and beautiful coastline in the Pacific Ocean was a passageway for indigenous tribes that were heading to the center of the country, but now we can guarantee that it will awaken in you the desire to stay



Located in the west of the Mexican Republic, in the state of Sinaloa, the City of Mazatlan stands out for the perfection of its beaches and the richness of its flora and fauna.

Magical Towns


In the middle of the mountain range that divides the south of Sinaloa and the altiplano of Durango, Cosalá.

Mexican Legends

The Fuerte Birthplace of Zorro

Legend has it that in 1655, a man walked by here and lost his rosary.

Magical Towns

El Fuerte

The colonial city of El Fuerte was founded in 1564 as the town of San Juan Bautista de Carapoa...


Handicrafts of Sinaloa

Sinaloa, although not a state known for its artisanal tradition, has a variety of products...

Traditional Music and Dances

Orchestra-Tambora Band

In 1938, the port of Mazatlán was already high, that is, it could receive vessels with large amounts of cargo.

Ecotourism and adventure

Kiteboarding in Culiacan

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport that can be considered a variation of surfing.


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