Kiteboarding in Culiacan


Kiteboarding is an extreme sport that can be considered a variation of surfing. The biggest difference is that the practitioner has a board specially created to allow him to sway on the waves while holding a comet with his hands, getting impulse from the wind currents to slide on the water.

This extreme activity, also known as fly surfing, kite surfing and kite skiing, has become very popular on the coasts of Baja California Sur, in the Gulf of Mexico - especially in Veracruz -, in the Caribbean Sea, in the Pacific Ocean, in Puerto Vallarta and in Culiacán.

The most audacious not only glide on the water, but perform all kinds of juggling in the air and face the waves as surfers. It is necessary to take into account the difficulty of this sport, since the "kiter" - as it is commonly known to the practitioners - is the connection between the board and the kite, so it has to know how to move in the water and in the air.

For anyone who wants to learn from this sport or improve their skills, there are schools and alternative tourism agencies that offer special courses. The classes are variable and can be adapted to the interested parties. In some of them the rent of the equipment, the feeding, the lodging and even the transfer to the zones of action are included. It is important to always pay attention to the instructions given in terms of equipment and safety. Always wear a helmet and a life jacket to avoid bad times.

This sport has become so popular in Mexico that there are already different tournaments and competitions, which cover the categories of beginners and advanced. One of the main events is held year after year, since 2009, in the city of Culiacán; the National Kitesurfing Tournament.

During the first week of April, the city prepares to receive the great wave of kiters who compete for prizes in the different categories. But along with sporting events there is also the festive atmosphere that reigns in this event.

However, the adrenaline, music and excitement are not limited to a weekend, on the beaches of Culiacán, in Sinaloa you can always enjoy the sea in a different way and full of adventure.

Kiteboarding en Culiacán

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Kiteboarding en Culiacán

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