A diverse and prosperous state, here the traces of the Spanish presence are few and intermittent, limited to Jesuit ruins and vestiges of towns that grew by mining activity. Surrounded by mountains and sea, you can choose between spending quiet nights in its smallest locations, see the incredible skies that crown its beaches or fill you with energy practicing extreme sports; In addition, the fame of his meat extends throughout Mexico.



One of the hottest and most orderly cities in Mexico, where the quality of tourism and business services is certified; In addition, culture, adventure sports and beach recreation find a platform that is close, friendly and attentive to its visitors.

Mexican Legends

The ghosts of Magdalena de Kino

The cholera epidemic reached the Villa de Magdalena de Kino on November 2, 1833. 17 years later, cases of illness continued to be reported, but the home remedies kept it under control, only three people from well-off families died.

Magical Towns


Considered the "most colonial" city in northwestern Mexico...

Traditional Music and Dances

Danza del Venado

“Malichi, malichi, malichi” (Ciervo, ciervo, ciervo)...


Handicrafts of Sonora

In Guaymas and San Carlos, like all along the Sonoran coast, the waves of the Sea of Cortez come and go...


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