Handicrafts of Sonora

Strength and preservation

In Guaymas and San Carlos, as throughout the Sonoran coast, the waves of the Sea of ​​Cortez come and go, bringing their treasures to the beaches of Sonora.

With the shells and sea snails a great variety of handmade pieces are elaborated that keep the cultural identity of the region alive. The objects made by the indigenous Seris and Yaquis have an important historical and cultural significance, since they continue to manufacture handicrafts in the same way they did centuries ago.

In craft markets throughout the state, whether in the capital Hermosillo, on the coast, in the valleys of the western Sierra Madre or in the desert, you can find beautiful jewelry items: colorful necklaces and bracelets, made with shells from sea, but also with tree roots, rattlesnake vertebrae, fish, seeds, stones and wood.

Sonora is famous for its delicious cuts of beef, and also for its leather goods. In Pitiquito, which is located near Caborca, are manufactured from leather keychains to saddles, through tequila cups and lined cups, and everything that is clothing and footwear. The coats, bags, vests and jackets of this place are very famous.

The wood of the ironwood has always been an important element of the life of the natives of Baja California, California, Arizona and Sonora. A few years ago, it was used as coal because it lasted a lot, as it is one of the hardest woods that exist, hence its name. It looks like ebony, is glassy in consistency, has no betas or pores, so it is virtually immune to the effects of moisture. The ironwood is so dense that it does not float in water, but sinks.

The Seri and Yaqui ancestors cut the wood with an ax, carved the iron stick with sharp stones, with a glass they smoothed it and then polished it with fine sand from the desert; the finishing was done with turtle grease or coyote bait. They were inspired by the environment that surrounded them to make their pieces, so many figures of Sonora's flora and fauna are still represented today: cactus and saguaros, and terrestrial animals such as the roadrunner and the hare, birds such as the owl and the eagle , and marine animals such as the turtle, the seal, the sea lion, the sailfish, the dolphins and sharks.

Ironwood is used in many parts of the state: Kino Bay, Caborca, Magdalena de Kino, Punta Chueca, Puerto Libertad, Puerto Peñasco, Santa Ana and Sonorita, among others. From the eighties, the pieces are exported to Canada, the United States and Japan.

In places like the Handicraft Market of los Álamos you can find ornamental pieces carved in wood, palm objects, brass and glass, ceramics, furniture and textiles. They also sell prehispanic instruments that the natives use in their traditional music, such as flute and percussion.

Crafts are part of the essence of the people. Like its gastronomy, its music, its rites and its language, it is an extremely important form of expression of an entity. With its ironwood figures and its fascinating craftsmanship, the Sonoran culture expresses itself in a great way in all its corners.

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