Legend of the sun and moon


Before the era of men there were four suns, but little by little they all died causing concern among the gods, because for life to be possible they had to create a definite one.

Tezcatlipoca, god of heaven and earth, Quetzalcoatl, the great feathered serpent and Citlalicue, creator of the stars; They gathered all the gods in the center of Teotihuacán and asked them to deliberate on who would be sacrificed to give light to the world.

There was a long silence, everyone hesitated to give their lives at the stake, until Tecciztécatl, lord of the snails, a beautiful god, superb and avid of brilliance offered. However, at least one other candidate was needed and those gathered there did not hesitate to point out Nanahuatzin, a poor and sick god, who humbly accepted.

Thus, both were removed for four days to do penance and arrive at the sacrifice pure. Tecciztécatl offered valuable quetzal feathers, gold balls, precious stones, coral and incense of copal; while Nanahuatzin could only offer maguey thorns covered with his blood, green canes and a few spheres of hay.

After the agreed time the gods met again, this time around a huge bonfire to witness the sacrifice.

Tecciztécatl was dressed in beautiful plumages and a canvas jacket... Nanahatzin used a paper trail.

Standing in front of the fire, the gods shouted at the superb man that it was time, but as he approached, he felt afraid of the heat and leaned back. It was then that they cried out for Nanahuatzin, who without hesitation closed his eyes and threw himself into the flames, where he began to burn and shine in his guts.

Embarrassed, Tecciztecatl ran, but only reached the edge of the fire and there was sadly consumed.

The remaining gods sank to wait for the new sun to emerge, debated their position in the sky and while they speculated, they appeared in the east Nanahuatzin, turned into a huge shining sun thanks to their humility and nobility. To everyone's surprise, Tecciztécatl appeared at his side like the moon. Together they shone with such intensity that none could see them directly.

- Is it okay that both shine in that way? -Asked all.

Without asking, Ehécatl, god of the wind, threw to the moon a rabbit that darkened his face, as a reminder of his cowardice. This was how his intensity was marked: one noble and bright for the day, another shy and fearful for the night.

Already on high, the gods noticed that the stars did not move and, in dismay, decided to sacrifice themselves to give them movement, because their constant presence would not allow the existence of life. Ehécatl sacrificed the rest one by one, but it was not enough ... decided, he blew and blew until the sun first, and then the moon began his eternal movement.

Since then there is sun and moon in the world. The sun shines more to remind us that virtue shines more than wealth and the moon has a rabbit on its face to eternally remember its fear.

Leyenda del Sol y la Luna

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