Just six kilometers from Toluca, capital of the State of Mexico, is Metepec: Magical Town with more than a millennium of history, where its artisans give life to pieces that have amazed Mexicans and foreigners, including consecrated artists.

Its first inhabitants were the Teotihuacan, and around the eighth century, Metepec became a place of exchange and cultural exchange due to the large number of merchants who crossed this territory.

During the Spanish conquest, Hernán Cortés entrusted Andrés de Tapia with dominating this area, but in less than ten days the Spanish soldiers had to withdraw. Then came Gonzalo de Sandoval, who in 1524 finally subdued the Matlatzinco Valley and, then, the territory joined the domains of Hernán Cortés.

Already in modern times, 1988 was the year in which Metepec was elevated to the category of city. In the decade of 1990, the municipal head was declared "Typical Town", which assured the conservation of its traditional image.

Next to the Municipal Palace is the Civic Plaza that houses the beautiful fountain of La Tlanchana: an indigenous mythological figure that represents the lady of the fresh waters. Just like the sirens of the Odyssey, this aquatic being attracted men with their beauty, only to drag them to the depths of the water.

Do not forget to visit some typical neighborhoods, such as Santiaguito, Santa Cruz and San Miguel, where you can appreciate and acquire the traditional craftsmanship of Metepec in their pottery workshops.

In addition, in the Casa del Artesano you will know the process of making handicrafts such as the famous trees of life and the coffers of Noah. Crafts fresh out of the oven!

If you want to appreciate an excellent panoramic view of the city, nothing better than the church of Calvario, from the 18th century and in the neoclassical style. To reach it, you have to walk a wide staircase surrounded by beautiful gardens and esplanades; Once up, an unparalleled view of the Mexican highlands awaits you.

Metepec pays homage to its pre-Hispanic roots with the New Fire ritual, where the community participates with dances from various parts of the State of Mexico. In this celebration you can also enjoy readings of poetry and indigenous legends.

And, despite the enormous growth that Metepec has registered in recent years as a conurbation of Toluca, its men and women have kept alive their traditions and the beauty of their surroundings, which you can now join with a visit ...

Metepec Galería

Siéntete como de visita en el Pueblo Mágico de Metepec con estas fotografías


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