The "place where the earth is wet" is one full of archeological zones surrounded by impressive landscapes, cocoa plantations, beautiful colonial cities and charming areas full of history and mysticism, such as Tapijulapa. Tabasco has 13 protected natural areas that concentrate numerous endangered species, making it, besides a fantastic tourist destination, a very special place for the biological diversity of Mexico.


City of Villahermosa

City that has been recreated over the centuries, as well as the successive names that have served to identify it.

Mexican Legends

The Legend of the Last Farewell

My grandmother fell out of her chair and hurt herself a lot, they had to take her to the hospital. I was scared to see her so bad for such a simple accident and I decided to call Pepe to ask her to keep me company...


Handicrafts of Tabasco

As a legacy of the Mayan and Olmec traditions, the decorative art of Tabasco is naturalistic, concrete and very colorful.

Magical Towns


Perched on the mountain, Tapijulapa is stunning: sinuous, picturesque, singing.

Traditional Music and Dances

The Zapateado

The most representative dance of the state of Tabasco is Zapateado. Of mestizo origin, it has direct influence of the "fandango".

Ecotourism and Adventure

Desarrollo Ecoturístico Kolem Jaa

A large natural area of 27.5 hectares that has become an experience of nature and living culture.


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