City of Villahermosa

Reborn City

City that has been recreated over the centuries, as well as the successive names that have served to identify it. City in the middle of the jungle, howls of monkeys, placid lagoons and whispering rivers. Full on bridges, parks and recreational areas. Today, Villahermosa reconstitutes its historical center and erects architectures that affirm its vision towards the future.

¿Qué Visitar?

What to Visit?

  • La Venta Park-Museum Archaeological site where you can admire the famous monumental heads of the Olmeca culture, everything in the middle of an exuberant tropical forest that serves also as shelter of the local fauna and flora.
  • "Carlos Pellicer" Anthropology Regional Museum Inaugurated on February 16th, 1980, it treasures a vast collection of pieces from the ancient Olmeca and Maya cultures.
  • History Museum of Tabasco Built in 1889, this mansion treasures around 400 pieces divided in nine exhibition halls, where you can see also historic documents and vestiges dated since the 14th century until our times.
  • Cathedral of Our Lord of Tabasco The construction of this majestic church began in 1960 and it was finished completely until 1973.
  • Temple of Our Lady of Conception It was destroyed and rebuilt several times until this temple acquired the gothic style that you can admire nowadays.
  • House Siempre Viva Isabel Rullán de Izundegui This mansion is now an important cultural center and art gallery, where you can admire permanent and temporary exhibitions, besides the painting and artisanal workshops that are organized regularly.
¿Qué hacer?

What to do?

  • Tabasco Fair It is celebrated on the second half of April with float parades along the Grijalba River, and also with dancing and marimba contests.
  • Day of the Dead As in the rest of Mexico, this major festivity takes place on November 1st and 2nd , when most of the people install altars with flowers, food and candles in their houses, and also spend those days in the cemetery with their beloved ones that passed away already.
  • Christmas Season During the month of December it is possible to see seasonal ornaments and nativities all around Villahermosa.
Comida Típica

Typical Food

  • Pejelagarto Endemic fish cooked in different ways, especially delicious when roasted or in green sauce.
  • Chicharrón Pork rind in brine.
  • Tamales Corn dough mixed with lard, and stuffed with pork meat or other kind of meat in a spicy green or red sauce, and finally wrapped up with banana leaves to be steamed. Don´t read it, just try it!
  • Morcilla Spicy sausage made of pork blood.
¿Qué Saber?

What to Know?

  • According to the Historian Manuel Gil y Sáenz, Villahermosa was founded on June 24th , 1596.
  • On July 24th, 1906, the first musical band of the state was formed under the direction of Manuel Soriano.
  • On March 17th, 1930, the famous Yucatan singer Guty Cárdenas started his career in the Merino Theater of Villahermosa.
  • Renowned Individuals:
  • Juan Nepomuceno Fernández Mantecón First Governor of Tabasco after the National Independence.
  • Carlos Pellicer (1897 – 1976) Poet, politician and art collector.

Popular Craft

  • Leather shoes and goods
  • Carved wood

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Ciudad de villahermosa

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