Kolem Jaa Tourist Development

Conservation and Adventure

Kolem Jaa is a large natural area of ​​27.5 hectares that has become an experience of nature and living culture. An ecotourism option that offers adventure activities, rest and knowledge of the environment. A playful proposal that respects the flora and fauna, and is committed to the social reality of the region. Likewise, it cares for and promotes local culture and traditions.

The development is located in the mountain range of the municipality of Tacotalpa, immersed in the jungle near the Oxolotán River, approximately 85 kilometers from the state capital of Tabasco, Villahermosa.

An interesting aspect is that as an integral development proposal, all the staff is from the communities of the Tacotalpa mountain range. Likewise, almost all of the complex's inputs are acquired in the region.

In Chol language, its name means "The greatness of water". In this context, you can enjoy different experiences in the natural environment. From the most daring as rappel, to the quieter as walking through the "butterfly." You will find spaces and activities for all ages and tastes!

Of course, Kolem Jaa offers a wide range of activities for those who like to try their daring; You can take a tour of the treetops known as "canopy". At more than 30 meters high, a wooded area is visited where stops are made at different observation points. The activity ends with an exciting descent in zip line of 150 meters.

You can also seek to rappel in a waterfall, or launch again by another zip line over 140 meters downhill. Although, if you really want to test your physical condition, Kolem Jaa has prepared the "command track", a resistance test where you must overcome all kinds of obstacles in nature.

To spend a more relaxed time, you can choose horseback riding, hiking trails, guided observation of birds in the wild, visits to the botanical garden and waterfalls. Endless activities for those who like tranquility and observation.

After so much activity you can rest in the comfortable cabins of the complex or, if you prefer, camp and spend the night camping like any adventure you need.

Choosing the Kolem Jaa ecotourism complex is one of the best decisions that nature lovers and those looking for a place to spend a few days of rest away from the world can take. Do not hesitate and immerse yourself in nature!

Desarrollo Ecoturístico Kolem Jaa

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Desarrollo Ecoturístico Kolem Jaa

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