Handicrafts of Tabasco

Bliss, Exuberance and Nature

As a legacy of the Mayan and Olmec traditions, the decorative art of Tabasco is naturalistic, concrete and very colorful. The most selected materials in the state, by their respective regions, are wood, vegetable fibers, jícaras, as well as skins of fish and cattle.

The reasons that stand out and that give greater distinction to these crafts are flowers and butterflies. His pottery is minimalist, small, elegant.

The wood carving is perhaps the most shared in the different municipalities of the entity and small boats made with this material act as the famous "miracles" that are hung in the churches as thanks to the extraordinary favors received by the deity .

And since we are talking about handicrafts very bought for their immediate use, we must highlight the hats; a protective garment, fresh and to which curious details such as leather ornaments are added, material from which a wide variety of belts, bags and accessories are also sold.

To offer a general map of the artisan activities in Tabasco, we will first point to Balancán, where the high and low relief paintings in wood stand out, although the leather accessories and the palm and wicker weaves are also worked. And in your town called Huimanguillo you can delight yourself with furniture and ornamental figures made with jungle woods.

In the area where Jalpa de Méndez is located you will find the famous carved jícaras. It is about the natural containers of seeds, that is to say the fruit structure of the jícaras and the güiro, which by themselves are a vessel, although the creativity of the craftsmen of Jalpa has made them famous; also with countless new combinations and figures.

In Comalcalco the pottery stands out, in Centla the articles of shark and bovine skin. The work in Tacotalpa attracts furniture and decorative objects made from the mutusay wicker. And in Nacajuca you will be surprised with the colors and variety of objects made with vegetable fibers.

The capital of the state, Villa Hermosa, not only concentrates handicrafts of all the municipalities in specialized stores such as the Institute for the Promotion of Handicrafts, but also in this same city, and in its municipality, are made: ornamental objects carved in wood, embroidered clothes, utilitarian curiosities in palm; also highlight the saddlery and the sculpted stones.

The tradition of masks is recurrent in the different regions and Mexican states. In Tabasco, the Mayan and Olmec heritages give very significant features to these wooden confections that are found everywhere, sometimes with very conventional mestizo faces and gestures, but in others with highly abstract and dramatic aspects.

The experience of craftsmanship in Tabasco is entertaining and varied. It is immediately related to the exuberant natural environment. And if Tabasco is an Eden as the popular voice says, its crafts are butterflies of that paradise.

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