The Legend of the Last Farewell

An Ethereal Farewell


My grandmother fell out of her chair and hurt herself a lot, they had to take her to the hospital. It scared me to see her so bad for such a simple accident and I decided to call Pepe to ask her to keep me company, I think I'm falling in love with him.


The doctors told my father that my grandmother fractured her hip and an operation is impossible, at 91 she is not recommended, they will bring her home to rest; but I heard my brother and a cousin talk about it, it's really just waiting for him to die. What a sad situation.


Today we went to mass with everyone to pray for the health of my grandmother, my dad stayed taking care of her with one of his brothers. When we left the temple I saw Pepe waiting for me, he gave me some flowers and I almost started crying, but I managed to contain myself. He told me that half were for me and the other half for my grandmother; I thought it was a very nice detail.

We returned home and we all listened to my grandmother complain, the impotence was horrible, the silences unbearable. Going to my room I saw my father cry on my uncle's shoulder ... I'm almost 21 years old and I've never seen him so vulnerable.


I managed to talk a little with my grandmother, she told me she was at peace and wanted to say goodbye to everyone, I asked her not to talk like that, that everything would be fine, but she looked very calm, she made it clear that she was only worried about being on my birthday. Listening to that made me sad.


Pepe told me but because of the situation I did not respond very enthusiastically, even so, we kissed.


Two days ago my grandmother died, I was home only with Pepe and she, suddenly it caught my attention to hear her say something, when we approached to listen well I realized that she repeated the name of my grandfather: Alonso. She fell asleep and later, when my mother took care of her, she died.


Yesterday was my birthday, pity that everything so close to a death in the family. We made a small cake with my family and Pepe, nothing incredible, but when I went to sleep something happened that was:

The door to my room opened very slowly and I saw my grandmother standing, walking with the clothes she wore when she died. I should have run out or shouted, but I did not panic at any time, I was glad to see her. She smiled at me, walked towards me and gave me a kiss.

- See, yes I could be with you on your birthday.

Then he took half of the flowers that Pepe had given me ... and left.

Leyenda del Último Adiós

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