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Set high on a mountain, Tapijulapa presents astonishing scenery. The main attraction of this beautiful Magic Town is its urban design and street layout that is forced to play with the countours and uneven terrain of the exuberant natural surroundings. The town is a labyrinth of white walls, red doors and window frames, and roofs made of clay tiles, framed overall by the lush Tabascan jungle surroundings, whose real owners, the Nahual indigenous people, have always been the true custodians of the Magic Town of Tapijulapa.

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What to know?

  • Tapijulapa means “Place where jugs are broken.”
  • The surrounding jungle contains between six and seven percent of all the biodiversity that you can find in the whole world.


  • ATMs are not available in this locality, so it is convenient to bring enough cash for shopping and to pay services.
  • The closest ATM is located in the nearby municipality of Tacotalpa, 65 km away from Tapijulapa, as well as the closest gas station.
  • However, in this Magic Town you can find medical services, automotive workshops, restaurants and hotels, among other touristic services.
  • Tourist Information Office:
  • Benito Juarez Square, Tacotalpa. Tab.
  • Phone: (932) 324 0127, ext. 113



What to visit?

  • Temple of Santiago the Apostle. Built in the seventeenth century, it happens to be one of the scarce colonial temples that still subsist in the state of Tabasco.
  • Kolem Jaá. Ecological Park located in the middle of a jungle where you can practice many extreme sports.
  • Garden of God. Botanical garden where fruit trees and orchids abound.
  • Cave of the Blind Sardine. Flooded cavern 500 meters deep, where the Ritual of the Blind Sardine is celebrated each year.
  • Villa Luz Cascades. An ideal place to swim after walking around the jungle.

What to do?

  • Tapijulapa Fair. It takes place on July 22nd – 25th each year to celebrate the local saint patron Santiago the Apostle (Saint James the Apostle).
  • Ritual of the Blind Sardine. It takes place the first Sunday after Easter. This pre-Hispanic rite is performed to ask the different gods a good year in any aspect of our lives.

Typical cuisine

  • Bread of banana
  • Pejelagarto. Endemic fish cooked in different ways.
  • Pushianes. Regional tamales –corn dough mixed with lard, and stuffed with pork meat or other kind of meat in a spicy green or red sauce, and finally wrapped up with banana leaves to be steamed.
  • Pozol. Beverage based on fermented corn dough and ground cacao.
  • Mones. Regional dishes seasoned with a local plant named “holy leave.”

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    "Blancas Mariposas"
    • Performer: Marimba Brisas del Grijalva de Humberto Moreno
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    "A Tabasco"
    • Performer: Carmen Rivero y su Conjunto
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    "Tabasco (Andre Crom Remix)"
    • Performer: Andre Crom
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    • Rubén Gómez "Rojo"


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