The Zapateado


The most representative dance of the state of Tabasco is Zapateado. Of mestizo origin, it has direct influence of the "fandango", that arrived from Spain to Mexico in the time of the colony. In Tabasco it was known as "fandanguillo", and it is the most immediate antecedent.

Dance is practiced in basically all regions of Tabasco. For almost two centuries, this dance has been present in religious and civil celebrations, and is already part of the folklore of the state. It is accompanied by marimba and drummer bands, although much has been discussed about the type of music and instrumentation since its inception.

The zapateado or "zapateo tabasqueño" (as it is also known) is one of the most imposing folk dances of the country, because to be able to do it requires the combination of certain elements such as agility, precision, speed and dexterity, since the way of zapatear is quite elaborated and complex, besides that its players need good physical condition and great resistance. The compass of the zapateo is of six by eight, very similar to huapango, but with a different degree of difficulty.

Precision is the most important element, since along with the reaction speed a fluid sequence is made that should be as thin as possible.

The dress to perform Tabasco's zapateado is the typical regional costume of the state, which consists, in the case of men, in a white shirt and pants, blanket, black shoes, palm hat and a red bandana tied around the neck. The women wear long floral skirts or navy blue skirts with colored ribbons on the lower part, like strips, white blouses with floral strips embroidered on the neck and sleeves, a chongo hairstyle, accompanied by a tulip flower, black shoes and rebozo.

It should be noted that in Tabasco there are many academies that offer classes to learn the techniques of this unique dance. In addition, festivals and zapateado competitions are held every year, which preserves this beautiful dance, precisely preceded by its reputation, both in Mexico and in the world.

Galería - El zapateado

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El Zapateado

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