Here was born the traditional "cuera", gala dress that represents the Tamaulipas throughout the world. Currently a state with a growing economy, Tamaulipas has beaches and an impressive reserve of the biosphere, called "El Cielo". Its gastronomy is traditionally northern, with dishes based on corn and meats. Get ready to know a place that beats to the rhythm of huapango.


Ciudad Victoria

Despite not being considered an immediate tourist destination, this place has many activities and surprises for those who decide to visit.

Magical Towns


A few kilometers from the border with the United States, Ciudad Mier stands

Magical Towns


"From the east the white shines will appear; the glen sighs vaguely...

Mexican Legends

Hacienda owners who loved their land

From Spain came to the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental a family of honest and hard-working people.


Handicrafts of Tamaulipas

Tamaulipas, state north of Mexico, has different communities...

Traditional Music and Dances

The Tamaulipan Huapango

Tamaulipas is a very extensive state, and the Huapango is a musical style that is associated with the southern part of the state ...


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