The Tamaulipan Huapango

Mirror of Miscegenation

Tamaulipas is a very extensive state, and Huapango is a musical style that is associated with the southern part of the state; the great huasteca of Tamaulipas.

The word Huapango seems to derive from the Nahuatl word "cuauhpanco", which literally means "on the platform"; or, it may be a distortion of the word "fandango", which is used to designate the parties in which the huasteco son is performed.

Its origin is related to the popular sones of New Spain, rooted in mestizo sensibility from the eighteenth century, when the son acquired picaresque characteristics of each region, thus appearing the huapango in the Huasteca, influenced by the fandangos, boleros and Spanish seguidillas.

In the poetry of the Huapango Tamaulipeco there are verses of joy, love, misfortune, sadness or passion; epic tales and songs to the earth...

Its rhythmic base is the ternary rhythm, and the best known interpretations are three variants: The first one is son huasteco, the traditional set of huapangueros which is called "Huasteco trio"; who play to the rhythm of a violin of rustic manufacture and of two guitars carved in cedar, that are the "Huapanguera", of serious tonality, and the "Jarana", of acute tonality.

Second is the northern huapango, played by ensembles that play accordion, bass sixth, double bass, drum and saxophone. Finally, the curious huapango de mariachi, whose instrumentation consists of vihuelas, trumpets, guitarrón and violin; but with a falsetto much more elongated than in the traditional huapango.

As for clothing, women wear a suit made of leather, leather or suede, which consists of two parts: a skirt and the bag with white applications. They also wear an ornament on their heads, which are usually three red or white flowers, and their dance shoes. The men wear their imposing suit, formed by dark trousers, white shirt and on this, they wear the leather. The material of the suit is suede, leather or leather with contrasting applications. We can not forget his hat and, tied around his neck, a red bandana.

The Huapango Tamaulipeco is the reflection of the people of a region, its instruments, its song and its dance transmit a particular joy, but not only that; the huapango has its own character both in its literary form and in its musical form, for this and more it is a very valuable musical style, much appreciated, and... very Mexican.

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Huapango Tamaulipeco

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