The smallest entity in Mexico has a lot to offer: ecological and adventure tourism is very popular and a solid infrastructure has been developed to grant you the greatest comfort. It has with a Magical Town and in the Palace of Government on its capital, you will be able to visit works of the call "last Mexican muralist", Desiderio Hernández.


City of Tlaxcala

The Tlaxcala capital has many attractions, one of them is its historical center full of syncretic architectures ...

Mexican Legends

The Malinche

It is said that Malinche or Marina was born in Coatzacoalcos and was handed over as a slave to Hernán Cortés, along with 19 other women.

Magical Towns


The name of Huamantla refers to a place where there are many trees, but this Magic Town offers much more than green landscapes in the shadow of the imposing volcano La Malinche...


Handicrafts of Tlaxcala

In Tlaxcala, there is a long tradition of craftsmanship; Its history is rich in inheritances of popular art.

Traditional Music and Dances

Dance of The Huehues

The origin of the Huehues dance is very old, it comes from pre-Hispanic cultures.

Archaeological Sites


In the center of Mexico, many years before the Spaniards arrived, there were once two peoples that dominated their world ..


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