Rafting on the Filobobos and Actopan rivers


The experience of rafting is an adventure recommended for everyone and that must be lived at least once in a lifetime.

This sport in which the river descends in rafts or rafts, before was practiced only members of clubs or associations of exploration and sport. Some adventurers even improvised their boats with rim cameras and moorings to live the emotion of descending a river. Now there are specialized companies dedicated to rafting tourism for their popularity and success.

The rivers to practice it are classified based on international parameters according to their flow, strength and degree of movement. No previous experience is needed to practice it, it is not even a requirement to know how to swim, since life jackets are special for the sport, so they offer a greater flotation, the only requirement is to be over seven years old.

A place that anyone versed in the subject considers ideal to live it is Veracruz: specifically in the Filobobos and Actopan rivers.

The Actopan River is located in Jalcomulco, 40 minutes from Xalapa, capital of the state. Rafting can be practiced all year round, although in the dry season the flows decrease in intensity. The rapids of this river are on average class 3, which means fun without risks and suitable for the whole family. Jalcomulco is also an ideal destination for ecotourism lovers and activities such as rappelling, zip-lining, hiking and mountain biking.

In the upper part, in Barranca Grande and Río Miguelito, there are high dangerous rapids for experts, but from the Río Pescados down, there are the preferred sections for tourist rafting, especially in the lower parts.

The descent of the Filobobos river, located in the municipality of Tlapacoyan, is a route of 24 kilometers of class 2 and 3, which is equivalent to a current that goes from mild to moderate. These rapids are then perfect to start, for those who do not have the experience or to visit with the whole family.

During the tour there is the option of visiting the archaeological site "El Cuajilote", ceremonial center of the Totonaca culture, as well as the waterfalls La Tomata and El Encanto, called by the natives "The Cathedral of Nature", for its singular beauty within of a canyon 80 meters high and because it generates a pit of crystal clear water with a depth of 25 meters.

If your visit will be for several days, which is highly recommended, you will have the option of camping or staying in huts immersed in nature. We can assure you that rafting in the waters of Veracruz is an unforgettable experience that will invite you to return, again and again.

Rafting en Rio Filobobos y Actopan

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Rafting en Rio Filobobos y Actopan

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