Legend of Maquech


Cuzán is a Mayan word meaning swallow. It was also the name of a beautiful princess who lived in this peninsula a long time ago...

The beauty of Cuzán was admired and recognized beyond the walls of Yaxchilán, the sacred city that governed his father: "The gentleman who submerges in the sky".

The young woman was always very dear to the kingdom and respectful of her family's legacy. When the time came to get married, she had no objection to the will of her father, who arranged a marriage with Prince Ek Chapat.

One day, before the union between royalty was celebrated, the man who was immersed in heaven took a young man to accompany him to present all the gifts he brought to Cuzán as part of a booty of war. Surprisingly, the king's companion, named Chalpol and Cuzán, fell madly in love when they saw each other...

They knew that their love was impossible and decided to hide it, but the king ended up discovering what he considered a betrayal to his will and ordered to sacrifice the young man.

Cuzán begged, begged and made his pain heard, for which his father instructed his sorcerer to take a different path: to turn Chalpol into a beetle.

Being faithful to her promise of eternal love, the princess took some of the most beautiful jewels she could find and ordered them to stick to the insect's shell, which she tied to her neck with a gold chain.

-You will always be a man while you listen to the beat of my heart, so always stay in my chest... my Maquech.

Leyenda del Maquech

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