Its capital has been declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in its territory it houses five Magical Towns and thanks to its mining past, mines have been conditioned to receive visitors and be visited. State devoted to culture, there are also many museums and the goldsmith work is impressive; Of course, alternative activities also have space, such as taking a cable car ride to La Bufa hill.


City of Zacatecas

Called the "city with a stone face and a silver heart", it was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1994.

Magical Towns


The poetic beauty of Jerez is not restricted to the Ramón López Velarde Museum: it is just the starting point to discover all its splendor.

Magical Towns


Wonderful legends nest among roads, stones and flowers.

Mexican Legends

The Three Crosses Street

Beatriz Moncada, after graduating from high school, went to live with her uncle and tutor Don Diego de Gallinar ...

Magical Towns


Its current name is due to the beautiful forests that surround it...

Magical Towns


Although the climate in Sombrerete is the most of the year, the winter months can be very cold because of the altitude of the place.

Magical Towns

Teúl de González Ortega

This Magical Town is located in the south of the state of Zacatecas, under the protection of the valleys that extend through the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Traditional Music and Dances

The March of Zacatecas

Called "second national anthem" is one of the most important musical works in Mexico, and was written by Genaro Codina.


Handicrafts of Zacatecas

For many people, craftsmanship is the midpoint between design and art ...

Mexican Legends

The French Mirror

She practiced the piano during the afternoons and had placed a small opulently framed mirror facing the street.


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