Handicrafts of Zacatecas

At the Forefront of Tradition

For many people, craftsmanship is the midpoint between design and art ... for others, it is a natural continuation of traditional crafts. In the case of Zacatecas, the creativity and skill of its artisans is reflected mainly in its pieces worked in silver, quarry and textiles.

Although, of course, other regional crafts are embroidery, yarns, fabrics, tablecloths, pitted belts, wrought iron, semi precious stones, onyx pieces, quarry and resin powder reproductions.

The Huichols produce necklaces, bracelets, pendants made with beads and some religious amulets known as "Ojos de Dios", which are made with woolen threads stretched over small interwoven wooden sticks. They also manufacture girdles, backpacks and ceremonial hats.

The pyrograph boxes, the inlaid alhajeros frames, and the religious images carved in the style of the XVI century are very popular.

There are also workshops where brass, copper, zinc and silver are worked. With the latter, the most elegant pieces of tableware are made, ideal for a very special holiday. Knives, forks, spoons are likewise made.

Crossing a little thought aspect of the crafts, some edible products also have very special production methods, where sometimes the same teachers make their own tools to work. Examples of this are some drinks made from agave, and some typical sweets. This branch of folk art combines indigenous traditions with Spanish contributions.

In Fresnillo jealous care has been taken in the manufacture of stone quarries, and because Zacatecas is a livestock state, leather articles are highly valued, especially those that are linked to the charrería: saddles, boots, harnesses for horses, saddles , etc.

There is a definition of Eutimio Tovar for the word "crafts", which says: "all creative manual technique, to produce individually goods and services is craftsmanship"; Following this notion, Zacatecas is a state that is at the forefront, its craftsmen always offering value to tourists through the hard work they undertake every day.

Artesanías de Zacatecas

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